Honey Creek Counseling and Recovery Services, LLC, utilizes the Equine-Assisted Growth and Learning Association’s (EAGALA) model of equine-assisted psychotherapy and learning.  The EAGALA model is a 4-pronged approach.

1.  Ground-Based:

This model does not utilize riding.  In fact horsemanship skills are not even mentioned nor taught.  The rationale behind this is that relationships are formed from the “ground” up. Therapy involves interacting with the horse and observing both your actions and responses to the horse, and the horse’s actions and responses toward you. As one of EAGALA’s founders, Mickey DiGiacomo magnificently put it, “You can’t look in a mirror if you’re sitting on it.”

2.  Solution-Focused:

The EAGALA model focuses on the client’s strengths autonomy and capacity to solve their own problems.  Many times clients come to therapy “stuck.”  The EAGALA model allows clients the freedom to experiment, problem-solve, and trial solutions to problems, which can help clients gain insight, clarity, and arrive at the solution that works best for them.

3.  Team Approach:

A treatment team composed of a Licensed Mental Health Professional and an Equine Specialist is utilized in all sessions.  The mental health professional is responsible for the treatment and/or learning goals of the client(s) and the equine specialist is responsible for monitoring horse behaviors along with physical safety.

4.  Code of Ethics:

As a professional organization, EAGALA has developed and practitioners abide by a code of ethics designed to protect practitioner integrity and he best interests of the clients and equines..

For more information on the EAGALA model, please click on the following link:  EAGALA Model

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