Welcome to HoneyCreek Counseling and Recovery Services

From left to right: Rebecca John, Emilie Kay, Mahleah Calderon Henes, Traci Gauthier, Mary Harvey, Jennifer Pape, Molly Kenast

At Honey Creek Counseling, we specialize in nature-based experiential therapies including equine-assisted psychotherapy and learning, therapeutic gardening, farm to table food preparation, yoga, mindfulness, meditation, and movement-based activities such as nature walks and trail hikes.

We appreciate the natural gifts that our planet has to offer in healing and strive to incorporate those gifts into our psychotherapeutic and/or wellness activities to promote well-being and recovery.

Services are offered at quiet, peaceful, and naturally therapeutic environments to facilitate reflection, growth, and self-discovery. Examples are parks or other green spaces, rural areas/farms, or client’s homes.

Honey Creek Counseling and Recovery Services, LLC, utilizes the Equine-Assisted Growth and Learning Association’s (EAGALA) model of equine-assisted psychotherapy and learning.  The EAGALA model is a 4-pronged approach.

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